Summer Lovers

On Saturday I decided to watch ‘Summer Lovers’. I decided to do so for a few reasons. Mainly, it is starting to get chilly here in NY and I wanted to feel warm, and also I had missed the screening of this movie back in July at the 92Y Tribeca. I had a few friends that were really stoked that this movie was showing, as it was one of their ‘favorite summer movies’. I didn’t even know what the premise of the movie was until I started watching it. After watching the beginning credits and seeing nothing but naked Greek bodies all over the place, I new I was in for a tale about awakening sexuality.

I could go on about the plot of the movie, but I prefer to tell the tale through of series of shit eating grins. If you would like to read a great, quick little blurb about the movie, I suggest checking out the the 92Y’s page for the screening that happened in July.

What? Who me? No, I wasn't totally spying on my topless neighbor. I'm not a perv.

I'm pretty proud of myself for telling Daryl Hannah not to slouch because she has such nice tits.

Yea, I'm totally about to cheat on my girlfriend. Also - I'm totally at a nude beach!

PG tells DH that he cheated. As revenge, DH almost makes out with Billy Squire. (click on the image if you don't get that reference)

I'm totally going to make this threesome happen.

Threesome achieved! I'm the fucking MAN!

My life is perfect right now. Thanks Old Spice!

I'm fucking two girls that are REALLY into gymnastics. I RULE!

I have Daryl Hannah cleaning up my shit, TOPLESS! It doesn't get much better than this, does it Spiderman?

Even the gays love me!

DH just got yelled at.

God damn we are beautiful.

Olive oil party! Let's get naked and wrestle!

Mom totally knows I've had an oily threesome now. Oh well!

Towards the end Lina runs off with the love child of Sting and Gary Busey becuase she is afraid of her emotions.

OMG, good thing Lina caught us before we got on the plane. We can be a happy threesome again!

The end.

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