Mac and Me

Yesterday I headed down to the 92Y Tribeca for the final installment of their ‘Rip-off Cinema’ series.  A series of films that clearly are rip-offs of bigger and better movies.  Last night I had the pleasure (not sure that is really the right word for it) of watching Mac and Me.  A movie about a Mysterious Alien Creature (MAC) trying to escape from NASA that is befriended by a young boy in a wheel chair. Yes, seriously.

The movie is clearly is rip off of E.T. The plot is basically the same, so we don’t really need to get into any of that.  I’m going to, instead, point out some of the horrific highlights of the film.

Let’s start with the aliens, themselves…..

This is basically the first image you see in the movie.  Sure, you see some nice establishing shots, but really this is where the film begins.  My question is this, did they not do a test with children to see how they would react to this creature?  Did children run screaming from the theater when this movie was released?  I mean all the aliens basically have what looks like an anus for a mouth.  It’s disgusting. Before the movie started the wonderful Tenebrous Kate gave a presentation trying to figure out why MAC fails where ET succeeded.  I don’t want to give anything away, but it was a hilarious walk through on the designing of creatures that are geared towards children.  You can read all about it in this month’s issue of the zine I Love Bad Movies.

I came across this theatrical trailer which might be an indicator that the filmmakers weren’t very happy with the finished product since you never really see the alien in trailer.  Just small glimpses.

Speaking of product, did you see who introduced the trailer? Good ole’ Ronald McDonald (his first appearance in a major motion picture).  I must say that I was impressed with the amount of product placement that was in this movie.  I mean, the aliens NEED Coke to survive! PLUS, mom works at Sears, and the girl next door works at McDonald’s! It was truly amazing to witness it all.  Check out the gallery below for some well placed products.

Did you spot them all? Of course, the most bizarre/best example of product placement was when everyone attending a birthday party broke out into dance.  Apparently, the most popular girl of all time decided to have her birthday party at McDonald’s, and this is what ensued….

All being said, I’m glad Mac and Me was made.  For without it, what would Paul Rudd show to Conan instead of his actual movie clips?

I just wish this creepier version was the one that was made…

(If you want a full run down of the movie, and things to look out for, check out  It has some hilarious tidbits in it)

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