New York Comic Con, Day 1

Me and my buddies.

New York Comic Con (NYCC) is officially over.  It has taken me a few days to adjust back to normal life; going back to my lame job. (…and seriously, I slept about 12 hours on Sunday, I was that exhausted) All said and done, I think this may have been my favorite year at NYCC.  Maybe it was just because I actually able to meet up with friends and have social interaction at it, but it just seemed smoother to me.  Sure there were panels I didn’t get into to, but I explored and saw more this year than I had on previous years.  I bought lots of stuff, and took lots of business cards.  I’ll be doing little recaps of each day, and I’ll try to pack in  all the goodies I  saw.

Ah, the first day of Comic Con.  This year was a little different than previous because I had a bad ass PRESS PASS! (Special shout out of thanks to DoubleWide Media. Check them out for a show we are developing together, Random Fandom)  Boo-yah!  I got in for free, and I got  to go to the special  preview night.  This year NYCC was open on Thursday for a few hours to the press and fans that bought the 4 day passes.

I decided to go ahead and check out Thursday night.  I actually took the entire day off of work, so that I could go check out the show floor for a few measly hours. I’m really happy I did.  It was so wonderful being there without the massive crowds that usually keep me away from the show floor.  I’ve gone the past three years now, and this was the first time I actually made it over into The Cultyard! I didn’t feel claustrophobic wondering around checking out all the booths.  It was really rad.

My first stop had to be Geek Treats.  I’ve been following them for little while on Twitter (@geektreats), and they’ve been making me hungry ever since.  I wish I had found them for before my birthday, but perhaps I’ll get some treats to take home for Christmas this year.  CUPCAKES!!

Ashley and the delicious Tardis cookie.

Anywhoo…Manning the station at the Geek Treats booth was Ashley Boehm.  She was super sweet, and easy to talk to.  I mainly wanted to stop by and give my support to my fellow geek girls, but after seeing the Tardis cookies they had out, I knew I needed one.  My first purchase of NYCC was a knitted Tardis bookmark, plus free Tardis cookie.  Yummy.  I wasn’t the only one to enjoy the Tardis cookie, though….

I came home Friday night to find my delicious Tardis cookie had already been nibbled on by Smokey Joe.

Geek Treats was in the perfect location.  And by that I mean that they were right down the aisle from the official Doctor Who store.  I nearly passed out from all the glorious Doctor Who items for sale.  Being that I’m a poor geek girl, however, I had to settle on just a couple small items…

Cool granny and tv toy from "The Idiot's Lantern" episode. I love little toy tvs.

Doctor Who pen I bought with a floating Adipose from the episode "Partners in Crime", and the awesome Tardis bookmard I got from Geek Treats.







From there I just went wondering and took some photos.  Eventually I stumbled into ‘The Cultyard’, a place I’ve never experienced before.  Can you say awesome?!  There were some really great items over there.  Individual artist, independant toy dealer, book shops, clothing boutiques, etc.  Most of it was pretty great.  I even bought a piece of art from Greg and Fake.

This little bit of amazingness only cost $9! You gotta love a female TMNT saying 'Shut the fuck up'.

Here is a list of all the great booths I saw, where I actually felt compelled to pick up a business card:

  • Planet Quirk Books (I’m still regretting that I didn’t pick up a copy of Crafting with Cat Hair while I had the chance)
  • Animated Closet (awesome clothes, store is in Brooklyn, but way out of my price range)
  • TAG Galleries (amazing art from a variety of artist)
  • (make yourself into a pillow. a bit pricey for me – although you can get 3 minis for $50 – but i guess they do draw your likeness. reminds me of
  • Robotector (I thought these were just dolls, but going to their website I guess they are really iPhone protectors. Too bad I’m an Android kind of girl)
  • Her Universe (geeky girl wear.  I want this Boba Fett underwear set, though)
  • Jason Edmiston (artist extrodiare. I really liked this piece)
  • Sanshee (more geeky attire)
  • The Gemini Company, Inc. (awesome ‘curiosities’ creations.  I almost bought their brain candle)
  • Vampire Cowboys (a ‘geek theater’ company.  They have a new show coming up in the beginning of next year. I might have to hit them up.)
  • Art Whino (art gallery with a variety of artists)
  • Magnet Releasing (they put out such hits as Trollhunter and Rubber.  I got a free Tucker & Dale vs. Evil shirt!)
  • Dark Horse comics (I got a Buffy paper doll!)
  • Ponda Posse (8-bit pandas)

Here are some photos I took from DAY ONE of NYCC:

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