New York Comic Con, Day 2

Photo by Bonnie Burton (please don't hate me for stealing!)

My second day of ComicCon started off with a dilemma.  Do I go see Felicia Day (Dr. Horrible, The Guild), or do I go see Jane Espenson?  Espenson has written/produced so many of my favorite shows, it would be hard to list them all (Buffy, Torchwood, Battleship Galatica to name a few).  I was very mad at Comic Con for having these two panels at the same time.  With such few female themed panels, why put two of them against each other?

I decided to go with Felicia Day.  The Espenson panel seemed like it was more focused on her web-series Husbands than anything, so I felt ok skipping it.

I was a little surprised with the short wait for Day’s panel. Until I got inside, that is.  I guess everyone went to the panel before and just stayed.  I got what I thought was a pretty decent seat until I sat down and realized that there was a huge cement column blocking my view.  Luckily I was still able to see the screen where they would project the panel, so I stayed put.

A couple of kids sat down next to me (kids = teenagers probably skipping school).  One of them immediately pulled out his DS and started playing with it. As I sat flipping through my Comic Con magazine planning out then next few days, I eavesdropped on what must have been the best overheard statement at Comic Con:

“He’s a ghost. Why does he need a shield anyways?”
“To hide his insecurities.”

At one point, while waiting for the panel to begin, you could hear the crowd starting to go crazy.  I figured Felicia Day must have walked in, but when I turned around I saw this guy.

The guy was pretty epic. He even had a robot sounding voice-box.  (which, I pointed out to myself, Bumblebee doesn’t talk – it would have been way cooler if the guy had found song cues to press as responses)

Anyways – back to the panel.  The panel finally started and it was a great surprise to find out that it was being moderated by Chris Hardwick, with Sandeep Parikh (Zaboo) there as well.  The panel was good.  I haven’t watched any of the latest season of The Guild, so I was a little lost on that.  I also don’t own a gaming system (sadly) so I don’t know too much about Dragon Age, either. But it was fun to watch the interaction of the three funny people.  Then came the audience questions….

Oh, the audience questions.  Here’s a tip for all you guys out there: Don’t be creepy to all the pretty girls that do nerdy things.  Almost every guy that went up started with, “Felicia, I just wanted to let you know that my wife/girlfriend/mom said I could use my ‘get out jail free’ card with you”.  Do you know how awkward that must be for said celebrity?  Not to mention for the rest of us sitting in the audience.  It grosses me out to know that you and significant other have talked about who you would have a threesome with, or who you could cheat on her with and she wouldn’t care.  Just shut up and ask your question.

After the panel, I took my time walking over to the costume contest that was going on in the North Pavilion.  I casually made my way over, taking photos, and generally just people watching.  (I’ve now discovered I’m a shitty photographer, though, who can’t photograph in natural lighting.  And I don’t have a decent flash for my camera. Fart)

The costume contest was neat and all, but my hunger pains got the best of me so I went on a journey for cheap pizza.  I walked all the way to 38th St./8th Ave to get it, but it was worth the journey.  Yum.

On my way back, I spotted these lovely ladies:

My friend Kevin was pissed when I sent him this photo. "Apparently not real Trekkies if they're wearing orange. Not even in the Mirror Universe is that acceptable. I only like girls in historically correct Starfleet uniforms."

Another overhead comment made my day as I passed a group of guys who had just passed these ladies:

“Man, I love Comic Con”

“I know, right?  It’s like, Yo! Beam me up”

I got back just in time for Star Wars Crafts with Bonnie Burton.  This panel was way cooler than I thought it would be.  First of all, it may have been the friendliest.  While waiting in line for it, I chatted with a cute female Doctor who told me about Who York, a local Doctor Who fan group that puts on events.  Then, once I got inside and sat down, I shared a table with a guy who just chanced upon the panel.  By the end he was sold on doing all the crafts with his kids once he got home.  I was also sitting next to the cutest little girls and their dad.  One girl was dress like Captain America (with a skirt), and the other was Supergirl.  Too cool.

I had such a fun time at this panel.  I’m sad that I couldn’t go to the other panels Ms. Burton put on, but scheduling conflicts got in the way.  Bonnie was hilarious and helpful as we all started to make our Ackbar puppets.  She was genuinely excited by everyone’s creations, she didn’t even care that mine was unfinished and missing arms – she still loved it.  You can see all the different puppets on Bonnie’s Flickr page.

After I got home, I finished my Ackbar.

Next up, I met up with my old pal Keith and his girlfriend.  (My friend Keith writes for Teleport City, you should go check it out)  This year it was a little easier to find friends.  The huge Optimus Prime made for an excellent landmark to meet friends by.

We decided to head over to where the Mark Hamill (Star Wars, duh) panel would be happening.  There was already a huge line waiting to get into the panel before (Marvel discussing The Amazing Spider Man), so we decided to wait in that line.   We ended up going in and watching the Marvel panel, and waiting it out.  A fun panel, to be sure, but since I don’t know too much about the ongoing saga of Peter Parker (I’m too poor to keep up with comics), I had more fun watching the audience.  There was this one family of redheads that had me giggling the whole time.  Every time they announced something new, one of them would loose their shit and start hand gesturing and rocking back and forth. It was an awesome spectacle to see.

The Mark Hamill panel.  (Part of me went just to make my brother jealous) This was a great panel, and Mark was very lively.  I always appreciate celebrities that seem just as enthusiastic as their fans are about all the things they’ve done.  Mark Hamill is exactly that.  This panel didn’t even need a moderator because Hamill just talked non-stop about all the cool shit he’s done.  He started off with a couple of Star Wars stories, but after that Star Wars was barely mentioned.

One of the stories was about how he was duped into cutting off a Wampa’s arm.  While shooting Empire Strikes Back, Hamill had a problem with the part where Luke cuts off a Wampa’s arm.  Being an animal lover, and thinking that Luke wouldn’t want to kill an animal that was acting on the instinct of being hungry, Hamill made them promise that Luke would only scare the Wampa with his lightsaber, not injure the creature.  It wasn’t until he saw the film that he realized they all lied to him.

He also did a great impression of Harrison Ford.  Apparently,  he leaned over right after seeing the “I’m your father, Luke” scene for the first time during a screening and whispered, “You could have told me, kid”.

Hamill mostly talked about all the voice acting he has done.  Mainly with Batman: The Animated Series, and the Arkham games.  He was really generous in his stories, and tried to answer as many questions as he could. He just has so many stories!  Seemed like a fun dude to hang with, and I definitely became an even bigger fan of his leaving the panel.

That was my  day…off to home after I charged my phone and watched some girls dance to Micheal Jackson…weird.  Here’s more photos!

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4 thoughts on “New York Comic Con, Day 2

  1. Keith says:

    There were a lot of girl David Tenants and Matt Stones there! Why do no women cosplay as William Hartnell???

    • Wendy says:

      I was weirdly upset with how many Matt Smith Doctors there were. This past season was such shit, I couldn’t believe people wanted to pay tribute to it.

  2. […] I made fun of him) Also, because it is relevant to Kevin, I’ll throw this in.  After I posted about going to ComiCon, and posted this photo of two girls dressed in Star Fleet uniforms, I got […]

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