Star Trek (Original Series)

I know I haven’t been keeping up with this blog as well as I should be, and I mean to change that.  I thought I would start up again with my latest addiction.  Star Trek.

Now, I’ve seen Star Trek before, but I’ve never watched the entire series.  Last July, Netflix started streaming all five series from the Star Trek universe.  I knew that I wanted to watch them all, but never got around to it until recently.  It’s scary how fast I’ve been going through them.  Since April, I’ve watched the original series, The Animated Series, and up to five seasons of the The Next Generation.  That’s 202 episodes in 2 months.  That’s an average of 3 episodes a day.  Dear God, I need to get a life.

I still need to watch the movies, but those aren’t on Netflix, and I’m lazy about finding them on the internet.

Since I’m on Season 5 of The Next Generation already, it is hard to go back and give good details on specific episodes or feelings I had about the original series.  I did, however, go back and look at text messages, Tweets, and photos I took around the time I watched it.

Let’s start with conversations.  One of my best friends, Kevin, is a huge Trekkie.  (He got a little sentimental when I told him I was starting season five of The Next Generation, “That was the year of my first Star Trek convention!”.  He also received his first kiss while dressed up as Captain Picard) .  I think I truly started getting into this show because of him.  Naturally, I’ve been texting/chatting with him constantly about the show.  Here are some of my favorite exchanges:

Me: You know, there are a lot less “Damnit Jim, I’m a doctor not a …” in this show than I thought there would be.
Me:  Gotta love an ending where a bunch of crying kids make the whole crew smile.
Me:  Seriously, why did they keep Chekov? He always is the first one to fall victim to some weird alien disease or delusions.
Kevin:  He was there to attract a teen audience. They cut him out of the animated series.
Me:  Watching the interracial kiss episode! Hahah
(not exactly an exciting chat, but I believe I showcase some valid points)
Me:  I like how Kirk lost weight and Scotty got tanned (and more hair?) between seasons 2&3.
(no response from Kevin)
Me:  Ummm….Abe Lincoln in space?
Kevin:  What?
Me:  Watching Star Trek.
Kevin:  Ohhhhh…You should see the extensive theories on the discrepancies between the Zefram Cochrane portrayed in that episode and the Zefram Cochrane  in First Contact. Not sure why that’s considered so unacceptable compared to the Klingon and Romulan changes over the years.
Me:  Um, yea, I’ll check that out.
Kevin:  Yeah. Enlightening reading.
Me:  Hahahaha
Me:  Sarek’s a hottie!
Me:  Why is nurse Chapel a brunette in the final episode of Star Trek?
Me:  Done with the original series!
(clearly Kevin was done with the conversation after I made fun of him)
Also, because it is relevant to Kevin, I’ll throw this in.  After I posted about going to ComiCon, and posted this photo of two girls dressed in Star Fleet uniforms, I got this note from him:
the lady on the right gets my approval
for two reasons: her attention to detail with the shoes (contrasting her partner there)
and the fact that she’s holding a Playmates phaser from the 90’s toy line
plus she’s pretty hot
but going back to the orange/gold shirt
the original shirts were actually greenish
but the cameras didn‘t
the cameras made it appear
much more gold than was intended
you can see kirk’s green “casual wear”
on numerous episodes
Photographic ‘screen captures’ I took while watching the first season:


Other random thoughts that I tweeted:

  • “Mr. Scott, there is a strange woman who knows the entire power of the Enterprise…..ahhhhh!” S3E17
  • Rad episode! Robert Lansing and a young Terri Garr! plus a black cat! (Star Trek S02E26)

I have since gotten way more into posting one liners, via GetGlue, about The Next Generation.

Some final thoughts about the original series of Star Trek:

  • It’s a shame that it ended after only three season.  Although it seems like the budget for the show kept going down (less rubber suited monsters, more wacky costumes and eyeshadow), I feel like it made up for this by letting crew experiment with camera angles and editing.  I especially got this feel in the final season.
  • I wanted most of the costumes the females were wearing.  They were all so outrageous.  I loved them.
  • I know there is some serious fanfic out there about Kirk and Spock (the background on my phone is a painting of them spooning in a bathtub), but I really hope there is some good stuff about Spock and McCoy out there.  Those two had some serious chemistry.  Maybe a love triangle situation?
  • LOVED that the very final episode of the show was all about a woman going crazy because Star Fleet doesn’t allow female captains.  Some of the lines that come out of her mouth are mind-blowing.  “Believe me, it’s better to be dead than to live alone in the body of a woman.” – WTF?! Although I’m sad Roddenberry was so pessimistic about how the workforce may change for the women of the future, I’m very grateful that he pointed out how much better it is to be a single women in the 2000’s than it was in the 1960’s.  (I already knew this, but it is good to get a slap in the face reminder every now and then.  Too bad people still look at you like you have the plague if you are childless and single at 35, though)
  • I’m building a theory about cats, Roddenberry, and the internet.
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