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New York Comic Con, Day 2

Photo by Bonnie Burton (please don't hate me for stealing!)

My second day of ComicCon started off with a dilemma.  Do I go see Felicia Day (Dr. Horrible, The Guild), or do I go see Jane Espenson?  Espenson has written/produced so many of my favorite shows, it would be hard to list them all (Buffy, Torchwood, Battleship Galatica to name a few).  I was very mad at Comic Con for having these two panels at the same time.  With such few female themed panels, why put two of them against each other?

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Hal’s Daily Message


New York Comic Con, Day 1

Me and my buddies.

New York Comic Con (NYCC) is officially over.  It has taken me a few days to adjust back to normal life; going back to my lame job. (…and seriously, I slept about 12 hours on Sunday, I was that exhausted) All said and done, I think this may have been my favorite year at NYCC.  Maybe it was just because I actually able to meet up with friends and have social interaction at it, but it just seemed smoother to me.  Sure there were panels I didn’t get into to, but I explored and saw more this year than I had on previous years.  I bought lots of stuff, and took lots of business cards.  I’ll be doing little recaps of each day, and I’ll try to pack in  all the goodies I  saw. Shall we get started?

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Hal’s Daily Message


I know I’ve been lacking in the posts lately, and I’m really trying to change that. I forgot how hard it was not being lazy. Hopefully, someday I’ll get one of those cool tablets or an iPad or something so I can write reviews while watching tv.
Plus, later this week NY ComiCon starts, so I might be a little MIA.
….or I might just post photos from all the fun sights I’ll see.
Stay Tuned!

Hal’s Daily Message


It is a little dreary today, so I thought this one was a good fit.

Hal’s Daily Message

Don’t mind the spelling and grammar issues….

Hal’s Daily Message

Today’s inspiration….

Hal’s Daily Message

So, I know this blog is all about what I watch, but sometimes I see great things too.  In my building, everyday, our super write a little inspirational message on a dry erase board.  Everyday there is a little bit of awesomeness waiting for me in the lobby.  I’m going to start sharing these with you, my humble readers, in hopes that you are as inspired as I am after reading them.  And so we begin with the following…

(and yes, I will forever be playing with filters on my photos, so eat it)

RIP – All My Children

Thanks for the memories, All My Children.  I’ll always remember watching you and General Hospital with my grandmother.

I’ll always remember the years I worked nights or was unemployed, and would eat my breakfast with you. *sniff*

Let’s remember….

You were the only town that manged to only have 2 black people in it. Truly impressive.

You introduced me to Buffy! (Actually, I didn't watch the show at first because I knew it would star SMG - I'll never make that mistake again!)

No one ever fucked on AMC, they all 'made love'.


I wonder what the final score is on the number of times Erica died is.

Thanks again AMC.  You will be missed.




Henry and Smokey Joe.

Right now I’m watching my cats. I love my gay snuggling cats! (Maybe it was the music that got them in the mood)