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Star Trek (Original Series)

I know I haven’t been keeping up with this blog as well as I should be, and I mean to change that.  I thought I would start up again with my latest addiction.  Star Trek.

Now, I’ve seen Star Trek before, but I’ve never watched the entire series.  Last July, Netflix started streaming all five series from the Star Trek universe.  I knew that I wanted to watch them all, but never got around to it until recently.  It’s scary how fast I’ve been going through them.  Since April, I’ve watched the original series, The Animated Series, and up to five seasons of the The Next Generation.  That’s 202 episodes in 2 months.  That’s an average of 3 episodes a day.  Dear God, I need to get a life.

I still need to watch the movies, but those aren’t on Netflix, and I’m lazy about finding them on the internet.

Since I’m on Season 5 of The Next Generation already, it is hard to go back and give good details on specific episodes or feelings I had about the original series.  I did, however, go back and look at text messages, Tweets, and photos I took around the time I watched it.

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I got a Game of Thrones tattoo.

Laid out on the table waiting for my tattoo artist, Jeb, to start.
Sorry, but I covered up the girls. Ha!

Yep, I was one of the lucky 50 people who got a free Game of Thrones tattoo this past Friday.

Wait….scratch that, there were more than 50 people who got tattoos…but let’s start from the beginning.

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Bad Girls Club

Seriously, who told her that her eye makeup looked good?

Yes, I watch the Bad Girls Club.  I admit my problem.  I adore insanely bad tv.  Although you sometimes feel sad and pathetic watching it by yourself, it is tons of fun in a gathering.  I used to go over to my friend Helen’s house every week to watch The Bachelor/Bachelorette with her and her husband.  We would order pizza, and make ourselves feel better by shouting at the tv.  There is something cathartic about making fun of these people.

Anyways, here are some bits of winning dialogue from tonight’s episode, masterfully entitled “Can I Bayou a Drink?” (They are in New Orleans this season, get it?)

  1. Girl A:  “The day I have a baby, that’s like the happiest day of my life”
    Girl B:  “The day I have a baby, that’s when you know the world has come to an end”
    Girl C:  “The day I have a baby, I’m gonna be taking shots of vodka”
  2. Girl A:  “Why you walking around with a bottle?”
    Girl B:  “Because I really want another shot”
    Girl A:  “You don’t need another shot, your face is just all red.”
    Girl B:  “My face is red, because I’m a (slurring) red-bel, a rebel.”
  3. Girl A:  “Your mother is white? White like what?”
    Girl B:  “White like white, bitch, like trailer park white.”
  4. “I threw 32 ounces of hurricane in her face and she refused to even stand up. Psh, you’re not even worth my breathe.”

At another point in the show, one girl was so wasted that she started talking to some ferns.  Good times, good times.


Jim Henson

Today would have been Jim Henson’s 75th birthday. It’s hard to express how much I love this man (I totally cried watching the above video). His creations were magical. Watching them always fills me with optimism and wonder, and reminds me how wonderful childhood was.

When he died in 1990, I remember the next Rolling Stone issue had a memorial to him in the back of the magazine. It was a simple one page tribute, but I tore it out of the magazine and framed it on my wall. Framing a magazine article about a dead puppeteer probably wasn’t exactly a normal thing for a 14 year old to do, and I’m sure it clashed with all the pictures of River Phoenix and the Lost Boys I had on my wall, but I loved that man that much. Truly a life lost too soon.

Coincidentally, today also marks the 20th anniversary of Theodor Seuss Geisel’s death. Better know as Dr. Seuss.

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RIP – All My Children

Thanks for the memories, All My Children.  I’ll always remember watching you and General Hospital with my grandmother.

I’ll always remember the years I worked nights or was unemployed, and would eat my breakfast with you. *sniff*

Let’s remember….

You were the only town that manged to only have 2 black people in it. Truly impressive.

You introduced me to Buffy! (Actually, I didn't watch the show at first because I knew it would star SMG - I'll never make that mistake again!)

No one ever fucked on AMC, they all 'made love'.


I wonder what the final score is on the number of times Erica died is.

Thanks again AMC.  You will be missed.




Project Runway

I haven’t watch Project Runway since it switched from Bravo to Lifetime, and since my first roommate Blair moved out and we canceled the cable. Needless to say, it’s been a few years. Luckily, my roommate Julia knows what a tv junkie I am and told me that Lifetime offers full videos of the show.  Sweet.

It’s pretty much the same show it always was, but I love watching people being creative/productive while I lie in bed eating food and getting fat with my cats. It’s a win win for everyone.

So, anyways, I just watched the two most recent episodes and all I can say is Fuck You Oliver!  All throughout the season I  thought you were so adorable with your strange little accent, asymmetrical haircut, and delicate ways. But after the episode where they have to use real women, with REAL BOOBS, I know we could never be friends in real life. (We would never be friends anyways because I’m a fashion disaster, but whatever)  Did you watch that clip above?  Here are some of my favorite quotes by Oliver:

  • “I don’t judge people on their size.  When it comes to models, they are in the streets so they should look the way they should look.  And I don’t care about real women, they can look however fat they want.”
  • “You know, I don’t like women having boobs.  I just want them to be flat.  Like when it comes to design, I think it distracts the whole line.”
  • “Those boobs, to me, are trouble”

Ok, I actually kinda like that last line.  It cracks me up.  I just got really annoyed  by how whiny and lame  he was because he had to work with a woman that had a figure.  You suck Oliver.  Unfortunately, I feel most designers feel the same way you do, which is why I can’t have nice clothes. Grr.



Doubt –
Sacrifice –
Identity –

I had some catching up to do on Wilfred.  Whereas I was only two episodes behind on ‘Louie’, I was three on ‘Wilfred’.  Yikes!

I have to say I’ve enjoyed this show so far.  I’ve never seen the original Australian version of this show, but this version is amazing.  I give kudos to FX for putting out such great sitcoms lately.  Like what AMC has done with their original programming, FX is becoming the place to go to for groundbreaking comedy shows.  They are taking a chance on programming that would NEVER make it on ‘The Big Three’ networks, and it’s working.

Back to Wilfred, though.  Jason Gann cracks me up.  I especially love it when he is more ‘dog’ than ‘man’.  Describing the various fragrances of girls’ asses at yoga?  Hilarious.  Being easily distracted by bubbles?  Humping Bear?  It’s all just amazing.  I’m not even grossed out by Elijah Wood and his seemingly thin skin anymore (I have a thing against thin skin, it’s hard to describe, but I get gross out if people have delicate looking skin).  Brilliant casting.

Can I also just say that I loved that Dwight Yoakman was in the Doubt episode?  Thanks.

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God damn I love Louie CK.  Earlier today I watch episode 9 & 10 of Season 2 (Halloween/Ellie & Eddie).  The link above is to episode 6 (Subway/Pamela).  I felt compelled to find and post a link to the episode since Hulu has taken it down.  Watch the first five minutes.  Done? You now know EXACTLY what it is like riding the subway in New York.  Genius.

I know episode 6 isn’t the one I watched today, but fuck it.  I think it’s a better episode than the ones I watched today.

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I love British television shows.  This morning I finished watching the final episodes of Misfits.  Misfits is about these five kids that all start doing community service for various crimes at the same time.  A freak electrical storm hits their town, and afterwards they all have mysterious ‘super’ powers.  Watch the trailer below:

Here’s why I love this show.  It’s a new take on having superpowers.  These kids don’t go into instant “let’s be superheroes and save the world” mode when they get them.  They get freaked out, they don’t know how to control the powers at first, and they are scared people will find out about them.  The powers people get aren’t the usual powers, either.  Sure there is the mind reader and the kid that can turn invisible, but there is also a girl that has the power to turn people into sex maniacs when they touch her.  Hell, one of the kids doesn’t even find out what his power is until the final episode in the first series.

More reasons….

The cinematography is gorgeous.  Although the depth of field is played around with a bit much sometimes, the show is beautiful.  The music.  Great soundtrack to the show.  Luckily, I found this site that has a listing to all the music used in the series.  I’m in the middle of making a Spotify playlist of the tunes now (minus that god awful James Blunt song).  The people.  Everyone is perfectly cast.  Also – the series showcased the beauty off real breasts.  It’s a weird thing to think, but I feel like all boobs you see in film and tv nowadays are either small and perky or large and fake.  It was just really nice seeing a girl lie down and seeing her boobs just slide off into her armpit.  Weird thing to harp on, I know.

Anyways, go on now!  Off with you! Go watch the show for yourself and report back.  It’s on Hulu, it’s free to watch, what do you have to lose?

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