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I know I’ve been lacking in the posts lately, and I’m really trying to change that. I forgot how hard it was not being lazy. Hopefully, someday I’ll get one of those cool tablets or an iPad or something so I can write reviews while watching tv.
Plus, later this week NY ComiCon starts, so I might be a little MIA.
….or I might just post photos from all the fun sights I’ll see.
Stay Tuned!


Hal’s Daily Message


It is a little dreary today, so I thought this one was a good fit.

Mac and Me

Yesterday I headed down to the 92Y Tribeca for the final installment of their ‘Rip-off Cinema’ series.  A series of films that clearly are rip-offs of bigger and better movies.  Last night I had the pleasure (not sure that is really the right word for it) of watching Mac and Me.  A movie about a Mysterious Alien Creature (MAC) trying to escape from NASA that is befriended by a young boy in a wheel chair. Yes, seriously.

The movie is clearly is rip off of E.T. The plot is basically the same, so we don’t really need to get into any of that.  I’m going to, instead, point out some of the horrific highlights of the film.

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Hal’s Daily Message

Don’t mind the spelling and grammar issues….

Hal’s Daily Message

Today’s inspiration….

Bad Girls Club

Seriously, who told her that her eye makeup looked good?

Yes, I watch the Bad Girls Club.  I admit my problem.  I adore insanely bad tv.  Although you sometimes feel sad and pathetic watching it by yourself, it is tons of fun in a gathering.  I used to go over to my friend Helen’s house every week to watch The Bachelor/Bachelorette with her and her husband.  We would order pizza, and make ourselves feel better by shouting at the tv.  There is something cathartic about making fun of these people.

Anyways, here are some bits of winning dialogue from tonight’s episode, masterfully entitled “Can I Bayou a Drink?” (They are in New Orleans this season, get it?)

  1. Girl A:  “The day I have a baby, that’s like the happiest day of my life”
    Girl B:  “The day I have a baby, that’s when you know the world has come to an end”
    Girl C:  “The day I have a baby, I’m gonna be taking shots of vodka”
  2. Girl A:  “Why you walking around with a bottle?”
    Girl B:  “Because I really want another shot”
    Girl A:  “You don’t need another shot, your face is just all red.”
    Girl B:  “My face is red, because I’m a (slurring) red-bel, a rebel.”
  3. Girl A:  “Your mother is white? White like what?”
    Girl B:  “White like white, bitch, like trailer park white.”
  4. “I threw 32 ounces of hurricane in her face and she refused to even stand up. Psh, you’re not even worth my breathe.”

At another point in the show, one girl was so wasted that she started talking to some ferns.  Good times, good times.


Hal’s Daily Message

So, I know this blog is all about what I watch, but sometimes I see great things too.  In my building, everyday, our super write a little inspirational message on a dry erase board.  Everyday there is a little bit of awesomeness waiting for me in the lobby.  I’m going to start sharing these with you, my humble readers, in hopes that you are as inspired as I am after reading them.  And so we begin with the following…

(and yes, I will forever be playing with filters on my photos, so eat it)


My friend Matt was making those loud, short gasps that usually come from sprinting, or climbing too many stairs. With my peripheral vision I could see his arm were stretched out, and the girl next to me had taken shelter in her scarf. She was using it to shield herself for what she thought was about to happen. I kinda wanted to look at them fully, but I didn’t dare take my eyes off the screen.

That’s how intense this movie was.

After walking about a block outside of the theater, I unconsciously let out a heavy sigh. Matt called me out on it. “I guess I just had to release some of the pressure that movie built up” was my response. There are two main forces that built up that intensity in the film. One was Ryan Gosling and his quiet, yet continuously hand crackling ways. The other was the score.

I mistakenly thought Clint Marshall had done this score, when in fact it was Cliff Martinez.  The score had reminded me so much of the Pi score I just assumed it was the same guy.  I haven’t yet seen Contagion, but I’m almost tempted to see that film just to hear the score Mr. Martinez puts to that.  Honestly, the last score that got my belly so tangled up in knots was Inception.

Director Nicolas Winding Refn really got the best possible crew together on this one.  Between the score, the amazing cast, and the cinematography by Newton Thomas Sigel, the film is a must see.  Seriously, lighting on this film will be taught in film school classes someday.  I loved all the ‘heavenly’ spot light moments that slowed the film down just enough to catch your breath.  Gorgeous, just gorgeous.

Lastly, I never read the book that this film is adapted from.  Hell, I didn’t even know it was adapted from a book until a couple days before seeing the film.  I only really even mention that it was adapted from a book because some douchebag was talking about it on my bus ride home.  I was minding my own business reading A Clash of Kings, when I heard this girl and her boyfriend mention Ryan Gosling.  I’m all about eavesdropping, so I listened in.  I didn’t catch much since they were about to get off, but the girl said something about the movie being ‘too Hollywood, too stylized’.  “There was just so much more in the book”.  Here’s my gripe to this chick. First, if you knew anything about Hollywood you would know this movie is the opposite.  There was no sex, the violence shown was true to nature and incredibly violent, shit even the car crashes were quick and realistic.  Yes, the movie was stylish, but let’s face facts.  Hollywood hasn’t made an incredibly unique and stylish movie in awhile.  And there is always more in the books, life sucks that way.  I usually get sad about film adaptions too, but every now and then a film comes out that gets what was at the core of the book.  Let the Right One In was that way.  Game of Thrones is that way.  There is SO much more in those books, but the adaptations got the core right.  I have a feeling this movie did the same.

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Jim Henson

Today would have been Jim Henson’s 75th birthday. It’s hard to express how much I love this man (I totally cried watching the above video). His creations were magical. Watching them always fills me with optimism and wonder, and reminds me how wonderful childhood was.

When he died in 1990, I remember the next Rolling Stone issue had a memorial to him in the back of the magazine. It was a simple one page tribute, but I tore it out of the magazine and framed it on my wall. Framing a magazine article about a dead puppeteer probably wasn’t exactly a normal thing for a 14 year old to do, and I’m sure it clashed with all the pictures of River Phoenix and the Lost Boys I had on my wall, but I loved that man that much. Truly a life lost too soon.

Coincidentally, today also marks the 20th anniversary of Theodor Seuss Geisel’s death. Better know as Dr. Seuss.

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Two different bear videos for you. Bears rule! I don’t care what Stephen Colbert says on the subject.

These dudes live at the Bronx zoo. They. Are. Fucking. Adorable. I was at the zoo about a month ago and witnessed their cuteness first hand. I thought I had video of them splashing around in the water, but I couldn’t find it on my phone. Hrm.

Most adorable thing I’ve seen today.