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Summer Lovers

On Saturday I decided to watch ‘Summer Lovers’. I decided to do so for a few reasons. Mainly, it is starting to get chilly here in NY and I wanted to feel warm, and also I had missed the screening of this movie back in July at the 92Y Tribeca. I had a few friends that were really stoked that this movie was showing, as it was one of their ‘favorite summer movies’. I didn’t even know what the premise of the movie was until I started watching it. After watching the beginning credits and seeing nothing but naked Greek bodies all over the place, I new I was in for a tale about awakening sexuality.

I could go on about the plot of the movie, but I prefer to tell the tale through of series of shit eating grins. If you would like to read a great, quick little blurb about the movie, I suggest checking out the the 92Y’s page for the screening that happened in July. But for now, why don’t you click here to see more grins and eyebrows…..

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